The Future of Digital Marketing

future user

What does the future hold?  There are so many different theories and predictions.  Here’s a great infographic from  the BBC showing “the timeline of the far future“.   When we think about the future, we think about all the things that are going to change.  Life as we know it will be a little bit different with the advent of new technologies.  With all of these changes though, what’s the one thing that will remain constant?  Users (people).  The methods by which we consume content may change (smart phones, tablets, google glasses, smart watches, etc…), but US, the consumers remain constant.  Therefore, even though digital strategies may change with regards to medium, we must always think about the end-user or consumer of the content.  The ways in which we market ourselves online may change, but our focus needs to always be on providing the best quality content for our target markets.



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