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We are founded on the principles that make successful marketing campaigns

At GraceNote Media, we believe in providing businesses what they need to be successful. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to online marketing. Each business has a unique goal and target audience. A digital marketing campaign should be designed around the unique attributes of those target audiences. Our process involves an in-depth analysis and research of every target market and then a recommendation of which services will be most appropriate to that campaign. This ensures that we can provide each business (regardless of size) with the most effective digital marketing mix possible.

  • SEO


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of connecting you with your online audience through a set of keywords. If integrated correctly into your digital marketing strategy, SEO can be highly effective at driving new business and connecting with your existing customers.

  • Design


    A good design says it all. If the design of your marketing materials doesn't match your message, your campaign is ineffective. Furthermore, the design of your website should match your letterhead, business cards, etc... We'll create a design that not only speaks a highly-converting message to your audience but can be applied to all mediums.

  • Online Marketing


    What is online marketing? All the terminology can be confusing. Simply stated, online marketing is Connecting YOU with your Online Customers. In this day and age, there are many ways to accomplish that goal. GNM will put together a custom online marketing strategy that meets your goals and objectives while still meeting your ROI and budgetary goals. Browse our services to learn more.

  • Pay Per Click


    Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC, involves a bidding process against your competitors. Each time a visitor clicks on your advertisement, you Pay. This is a good strategy for some businesses, but it is a waste of money for others. How should you decide if PPC is right for your business? How much should you pay per click? Through the correct market research and keyword analysis, we'll help you decide!

  • Retargeting


    Ever feel like you're being followed? Thats because you probably are! Retargeting is a strategy that most major online retailers use to follow you around and advertise to you online based on what pages you visited on their site. We'll help you figure out if it's the right strategy for your business and help you setup a campaign of your very own!

  • Mobile


    A mobile strategy is a must. We'll help you design a campaign that is effective on all devices across all mediums.

  • Social Media


    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc....There's so much out there! How do you know which social media venue is right for your business, your strategy and, most importantly, your customers? The experts at GNM will help you decide!

  • Email Marketing


    One of the best ways to interact with your customers is through email. Creating an integrated email marketing strategy, however, is more difficult than it sounds. Let us work with you to synchronize your emails with your broader digital marketing strategy for optimal effectiveness.

Why SEO?


A lot of people are asking, "Why is SEO important?" or "Why do I need SEO?". Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" is the building block of any online marketing strategy. Think about it like this: You are offering something (a product or a service) to online customers. Online customers are searching for your product or service by using a set of keywords. SEO is the process of determining the exact keywords that people are using to search for your business and then making sure your website is able to be found. Matching YOU up with your CUSTOMERS.

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What Makes a Great Design?

In today's online world, design is everything. You need something that will look good and communicate your message in all mediums at all times. Your website needs to be viewable in every format on every device. The designers at GNM know this and will make sure that your media is optimized and looks great anywhere at anytime!


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Case Studies

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  • Ecommerce Site

    Website Development, SEO

    An independant artist who needed to boost online sales

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  • Traffic Generation

    Website Development, Email Marketing

    A Data Analytics company who needed to drive traffic

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  • Web Presence

    Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Website Development

    An apartment leasing agency who wanted a greater presence online and needed to create a resource for tenants

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  • Portfolio Site

    Website development, SEO, Social Media

    A professional musician who needed greater exposure

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Client: Family Properties, Inc.

Industry:    Apartment Rentals
Location:   Chicago, IL
URL:           www.Family-Properties.com
Family Properties is an apartment leasing agency with several properties in Chicago and Evanston, IL. They required online marketing strategy development, Social Media, and a new website build.

Client: Lily Pond Studios

Industry:    Art Sales
Location:   Morgantown, PA
URL:           www.LilyPondStudios.com
Lily Pond Studios is an independently owned art gallery who needed to boost sales. GNM designed and implemented an integrated digital marketing strategy with a new website design and rollout.

Client: Gail Williams

Industry:    Music
Location:   Chicago, IL
URL:           www.GailWilliamsHorn.com
Gail Williams is a world-renown musician and Northwestern University professor based out of Chicago, IL. GNM helped her create a stronger online presence and increase CD sales through a new website and digital marketing strategy.

Client: ADVIZOR Solutions

Industry:    Data Analysis/Business Intelligence
Location:   Chicago, IL
URL:           www.ElectionVisualization.com
ADVIZOR Solutions wanted to develop a targeted campaign using the 2012 presidential election to drive interest in their product. GNM developed a strategy and rolled out an email marketing campaign and corresponding microsite.


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